The Alphabet of Bad Ideas

There are no good ideas. Something can, and will, always go wrong. Join me in an exploration of the pessimism and self-doubt that can taint even the most harmless, unimportant decisions of our lives.

B is for "Blog"

It starts out innocently enough. "I'm bored," you think to yourself. "Maybe writing will give me something to do. It'll be one of those creative outlets my therapist is always pestering me to find." So you set up a blog somewhere. Maybe you sign up for a free Wordpress account.… Read more

A is for "Again"

"This time, I'm going to make it happen," you say, not quite as oblivious as you'd like to be to the fact that this utterance is identical to the one that preceded your past dozen failures. You subconsciously begin visualizing those efforts: desiccated, withered husks of Good Ideas To Improve… Read more