I am not Dr. Seuss

On Fizz Control

The town hustled and bustled and gathered around,
And they stood and they stared at the corpse on the ground.
It is plain to assume, and they all understood
That a corpse in the street is, quite plainly, no good.

Shrieked a mother (quite new), "Oh just what should we do?!
It won't do to have corpses around my baboo!"
But one blink of an eye and she had out her phone,
And proclaimed, "They will never believe this at home!"

Though the cause of the death, the town already knew,
Soon a doctor nearby was called in to review,
And they waited in silence, that large, anxious crowd.
Then the doc muttered, "Fizz." And then things got quite loud.

People argued and screamed, and they shouted with flair!
At the center of all of the noise was a pair:
A bespectacled lad and a grizzly old gramps
Were both doling out quotes from quite opposite camps.

"One more victim of Fizz! Oh, that foul, Fizzy stuff;
We'll all die of Fizz if we wait long enough!
It's a tool of destruction, of death, loss, and pain;
If you think Fizz is safe, you don't have half a brain!

"Take all Fizz to impound! Lock it up! Burn it down!
We don't want this Fizz-Banging around in our town!
For as long as there's Fizz, this charade will not end!"
Said the lad in the glasses, "Now will it, my friend?"

"You're a foolish young lad! I've got quite a fine quiz:
Do you think he'd be dead if he had his own Fizz?
I've been training for years now with Fizz, so you see
There's no way that another could ever Fizz me.

"For this town here was built on the back of fine Fizz,
'Tis a symbol of all of our liberties, 'tis!
So put Fizz in the hands of each man, woman, kid!
"Who said that? The grizzled old gramps, of course, did.

At that moment, a young little voice pierced the crowd,
"Is it less Fizz or more?" a girl wondered aloud.
To the lad, she said, "Surely, the Fizz can't be blamed;
The Fizz isn't conscious, it has to be aimed!"

To the gramps, she said, "Sir, it seems rather a curse
You should live your whole life by expecting the worst.
If this Fizz is so strong, and we all carry Fizz,
Why, then 'everyone's safe' means that nobody is!

"Even if we need Fizz, does that mean that we should
Make it easy to use Fizz for people who would?
It sure seems that the folks who would use Fizz a lot
Are the ones who should def'nitely, def'nitely not.

"But the real problem here is that nobody cares
One small ounce for that boy who is lying dead there.
You'd both rather take sides and then bicker and fight
About who's in the wrong, and which side's in the right.

"Have you thought that there might not be just one 'right way'?
That perhaps life's not just black or white -- that it's grey?
That this endless aggression just prompts and provokes
Endless hatred and fear amongst mostly-fine folks?

"That perhaps your behavior, harsh acts, and rude words
Mean that people think they need to Fizz to be heard?
And, well, aren't they right? But how long 'til they're not?
'Til we all ignore Fizz without even a thought?

"And then who knows how grand the gestures will get?
And we'll put up with more and more nonsense, I bet,
Just because it's so easy to bicker and fight
About who's in the wrong, and which side's in the right."

Said the two, "You are young still, and awfully naïve.
You will understand some day, but now? We must leave."
So the whole crowd packed up, and they went on their way,
And they slept, and they woke, and forgot the next day.