G is for "Gift"

You have a talent. A hidden talent, one you take intense pride in but self-consciously lock away where nobody else can ever see it. It's yours, and yours alone. You're a photographer, wandering out into the wilderness of your backyard to capture perfect instants of nature's beauty. You're a writer,… Read more

F is for "Feeling"

You're dead inside. This revelation doesn't fill you with any sort of emotion; the bits that would normally be upset at the discovery that they've died are already, well, the dead bits. You reflect on how you got here. You were raised in a Christian household, brought up on good,… Read more

E is for "Education"

Ah, yes, the new parents! Let me be among the first to congratulate you on your fertility! I assume you've reviewed the pamphlets? Excellent, excellent. Then you already understand how our program works, and why it is so necessary to society's continued function. Do I see some unanswered questions lingering… Read more

D is for "Dog"

You're walking past the animal shelter, and a shaggy little beast catches your eye through the window. You've been on your own for a few months now, and some company would be welcome. Besides, you rationalize, maybe having something else around to take care of will help you keep your… Read more

C is for "Connect"

You look across the room and see her, and immediately recognize that you're facing a crossroads moment. If you walk over to her and start a conversation, your life will be changed forever. The entire party seems tinged by a sort of prescience, a feeling of fates aligning. Or, perhaps,… Read more